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Professional Grill Cleaning and Repair Service

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Why get my grill or smoker professionally cleaned?

Deep Cleaning

Our technician will remove the cooking grates, heat shield, and flavorizer bars for cleaning. For gas grills, disassemble the cooking elements to inspect burner tubes for grease clogs, spider eggs, corrosion, and proper operation. The interior of the grill box will be scraped and vacuumed to remove rancid grease, baked on gunk, and accumulated chunks of who-knows-what. The exterior knobs will be removed so the inside and outside of the grill box can be thoroughly cleaned and polished. If the grill is equipped with an igniter it will be checked for correct operation. After cleaning, your grill will be reassembled.


Our unique cleaning method provides many benefits for the grill owner. Food tastes better when cooked on a clean grill. A clean grill will not have that smoky, rancid grease smell. Enjoy the delicious smells coming from the cooking food instead!  We remove harmful carcinogens and bacteria that can build up in your grill and be transferred to your food. A clean grill keeps away rodents and insects and their droppings. A clean grill reduces dangerous flare-ups. Exterior panel cleaning is part of every service, so that your grill looks great. Keeping your grill clean prevents corrosion, extending the life of your grill. Get the maximum value from your grill purchase with regular cleaning.

Mobile Service

Our technician will travel to your location for a scheduled appointment. You do not need to be home. Your stand alone grill will be placed on a tarp or tarps will be placed around your outdoor kitchen to prevent a mess on your patio/deck. The technician will alert you to any problem areas within your grill including advanced corrosion, non-working parts, etc. Enjoy the benefits of a nice, shiny, clean grill without having to get down and dirty to scrub, scrape and clean all those hard to reach places. Save yourself much needed valuable time and energy by allowing our professionals to do the job for you.



Questions About Grill Cleaning

What kind of grills do you clean?

Our technician will work with any kind or any brand of barbecue grill including built-ins, outdoor kitchens, LP and natural gas, stand alone gas grills, ceramic grills, pellet smokers, and charcoal or wood burning units.

How long does it take to clean my grill?

Depending on grill size, and how dirty it is, our process usually takes from 3.5 to 4.5 hours. We will work as efficiently as possible to complete the job in a timely manner. ​

Are your cleaners safe for my family/pets? 

Absolutely! We only use biodegradable cleaners that are food grade, and safe for everyone.

What parts of the grill do you clean?

Our technician will de-grease and clean the grill hood, grill body, control knobs, pull-out trays, drip pans, igniters, thermometer, grill racks, flavorizer bars, and heat plates.  We will also inspect and clean the burners.  We can also provide a full tank of propane and, if desired, take the old tank away. 

Repair Services

We offer repair service for grills and smokers, independent from cleaning, or along with a cleaning. We can source replacement parts and install them for you. 
  • Diagnostic/Service Call $50

  • Repairs: Parts cost + $35 per hour labor

  • Repair with Cleaning: Waive $50 Diagnostic/Service Call


About Tennessee Valley Grill Cleaners

TVGC is family owned and operated by a life-long back-yard cooker, who is a Certified Kansas City Barbecue Society Judge, a member and Certified Judge of the Steak Cook-off Association, and a NASA retiree. 

We know the value and difference a clean grill makes when preparing a meal for your family and friends, so we clean every grill as if it is our own. 

Tennessee Valley Grill Cleaners will provide you with friendly, professional service from a knowledgeable technician who will furnish superior service to complete one of the worst household tasks. Our technician will conduct the best practices for cleaning your outdoor appliance while using biodegradable cleaning products.

Our cleaning service helps to restore your grill to its best possible condition and extending its life, providing you with peace of mind that your grill is clean inside and out and is safe to use.

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